An endless challenge

The sense of being part of a company and innovative pioneering spirit are the components which permit Eurochiller to grow constantly and attain an important position on international markets. Eurochiller pursues its challenge daily, testing itself to try to improve every single product according to the demands of the customer, of the market and of the environment. In fact, its mission is that of manufacturing state of the art, efficient products and to be able to offer highly technological and functional global solutions.


Adiabatic dry cooler, cooling capacity from 82 to 1220 kW. Adcooler combines the energy savings provided by a dry-cooler with the efficiency provided by an adiabatic system. ADcooler is applicable to all industrial processes, ensuring temperatures close to the wet bulb value.


The Air coolers Adiabatic offer great advantages with respect to the Dry-coolers and cooling towers, for example:
closed circuit, free from environmental pollution
Legionella-free and therefore applied against any legionella water treatment.
Devoid of limestone formations without water treatment
High performance when the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ° C
Exchanger in the best conditions dry bulb (air-water exchange 5 ° C)
Low noise level
Modular equipment to expand the cooling capacity.
Auto drain to prevent water accumulation.


DY-NAX units are air cooled chillers which can be located outdoors without shelter.

The ADY-NAX (Adiabatic Chillers) version combines the construction and functional features of standard models with the energy efficiency achieved with the pre-cooling of the air entering the condensers, allowing also during high ambient conditions, when the electrical consumption of the compressosrs reaches its peak, the required cooling duty while consuming a moderate amount of energy, only normally achieved during average climate conditions.

Cooling capacity ranges between 115 and 691 kW. Units are fitted with tube nest or plates evaporators, Scroll compressors and filled with R407c refrigerant.








TFC – Total Free Cooling

Cooling capacity of TFC chillers with incorporated free-cooler ranges between 188 and 701 kW. The units have been designed respecting the environment: thanks to the use of a glycol-free technology and of ecological gases, we grant to the user the best environmental protection as well as a remarkable energy saving coming from the use of the free-cooling technology. Standard supply includes pump and tank, but FT version may be supplied with shell & tube heat exchanger and without pump and tank. NAX chillers are filled with ecological R407C refrigerant and are equipped with Scroll compressors.





AXevo – ADXevo

AXevo and ADXevo are process water chillers integrating into a single solution the latest technologies introduced by EUROCHILLER, providing high levels of efficiency and reliability without compromising the specific applications which contributed to the success of the previous AX line, and provides the basis of this new evolutionary series of process water chillers.




Cooling capacity of NAX chillers ranges between 188 and 1108 kW. The units have been developed thanks to the application of the most advanced refrigeration technologies of industrial processes. The chillers may be supplied either with air or water condensation and with centrifugal or axial fans according to the customer’s wishes and to the specific application. Standard supply includes pump and tank, but FT version may be supplied with tube nest heat exchanger and without pump and tank. NAX chillers are filled with ecological R407C or R134A refrigerants and may be equipped with Scroll or with semi-hermetic screw or piston compressors.










ICETEMP is a water cooled chiller for inside installation suitable for the precise temperature control of injection moulds.

The main features of the ICETEMP are as follows:

• accurate temperature control (+/-0,1°C) at the mould

• facility to provide high water flow rates with increased pressure to reduce Delta T on the mould

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